Livia Beasley

Idea sparker. Tree hugger.  Pebble skipper.

LIVIA BEASLEY’s first children’s video was a kids’ show spoof produced with her best friend during high school. Her second was a documentary filmed in Kenya during a break from college, created with a local branch of World Wildlife Fund, and used for over a decade as an educational tool by Kenya Wildlife Service. 

Twenty years later, Livia has written, produced, and developed media for clients across the children’s media landscape, including Nickelodeon, Sesame Workshop, Universal Kids, PBS, 9 Story, YouTube, Amazon, and many more. Highlights include producing pro-social specials and PSA’s for Sesame Street; writing and producing Good Night Show for Universal Kids Sprout, voice directing Emmy-nominated Blue's Room for Nick Jr.; development consulting, writing, and producing Mother Goose Club with millions of followers on YouTube; and co-developing, writing, and show-running Highlights Hangout podcast. Additional memorable moments include writing multiple short series and promotions for the launch of Sprout/Universal Kids; developing and writing multiple short series for the launch of Baby First TV, and screening a zillion "Sesame Street" episodes to make sure Oscar was the right color during an internship at Sesame Workshop in preparation for the launch of Noggin.

Livia is also proud to be the founding mama of CHILDREN’S MEDIA ASSOCIATION, the premier industry organization for children’s media professionals. Now celebrating our 15 year anniversary, CMA continues our dedication to improving the quality of children’s media by connecting and educating the children’s media community.

Today, Livia Beasley is the chief pebble skipper of PIXEL & PEBBLE, a creative boutique devoted to developing and producing pro-social content for children. Livia is also a happy wife of her filmmaking partner Corey (Snyder) Beasley, a joyful mother of their supremely sparkling toddler, and a Sunday School teacher to the wee ones. She can also sometimes be found noodling on tunes as one half the songwriting duo BAREFOOT WALKING